Want to build
a financially rewarding
career that also
changes lives?
We're hiring.


We are looking for passionate individuals who can assume the responsibility of creating new leaders. We are not looking for employees searching for stable career paths and salary increments. Rather, we are looking for individuals with the rare ability of empowering individuals and an entrepreneurial spirit. The work we do here has an impact on the world, and you can be part of it if you relate to at least a few of the following traits.

  • You speak impactully both in English as well as a regional language, love to be on stage and can interact with a group of audience without spending much time on preparation.
  • You are humble by nature, or you may have been humbled by the ups and downs of life so much so that you now look for positives in people, you can empathize with their situations and respect everyone's emotions, and most importantly, you are in constant search for a bigger purpose.
  • You are an evolved and structured thinker who can counsel people and help them identify their own potential effortlessly.
  • You may have prior experience in training or teaching, but it counts only if 1) you prefer teaching through experiences and not through books and theories and 2) you leave your audience inspired, not just informed.
  • You may have a specialization or an extensive exposure in either of the areas including music, arts, management, engineering, medicine, design, fashion, politics and sports among others.

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