Who can bring a change?

Heroes or


There were times when the world was led by a chosen few and when leadership remained a prerogative of the Kings and their Cabinet. Contrastingly, our world today has exploded geographically, culturally and economically with over 7 billion people living in one of the 2800+ cities or the 2 million+ villages, hailing from one of the 3000+ ethnicities and speaking one of the 7000+ languages. Surprisingly, leadership even today remains a privilege of few, hence the ever-burgeoning deficit of leadership.

The way out of the Leadership Crisis is simple and straightforward: We need to take the concept of leadership beyond the walls of parliament, cabins of C-level executives, offices of the UN Advisory boards or the Academic Councils of pioneering educational institutes. In other words, we need to take Leadership to the Masses-individuals who have been so far, the recipients of change and who have been so far, busy making a living in their lives.

This is the only way out to the crisis we face today. Each and every one of us will have to start leading at least once, not necessarily with the intention of becoming the next dot com billionaire or the next social revolutionary, but with the intention of living our lives with a sense of purpose, impact and wonder. Each and every one of us will have to prepare ourselves for at least one time when, we move beyond our perceived limits and become the makers, keepers and the forbearers of change in our small or big ways. The day we are able to arrange at least one such change agent in every family, school, college, community, village, city, state, political party, NGO and judiciary of the world is when the world will actually come out of the existing crisis of change.

In sum, the masses, truly, are our best and biggest hope towards resolving the deficit of leadership in the world. We don't need a few more Heroes to save the world. We need transformed us. Question is whether it is possible to train one into a leader?

Absolutely yes! Discover us to know how we make it happen.