The biggest crisis facing
mankind today is not
global climate change,
inequality or terrorism.
we are not even aware of!


If you search "Global warming solutions" on Google, you will find nearly 29 million responses filled with hundreds of distinct solutions coming from scientists located across the globe. Search the number of reports on "bridging the skill gap" and you will find more reports from across the world than you can ever read in your lifetime.

Clearly, we are not short of solutions to the most complicated problems facing mankind. A simple solution - Each One Teach One or Each One Feed One - could provide a new life to each undernourished, uneducated and unhappy child of the world without affecting the fiscal deficit of the world economies. The point is that we are not missing solutions. For each problem, more often than not, we have thousands of scientists, social thinkers, academicians, policy makers and government officials discussing and finding multiple solutions to the same old problems. What we are rather missing is Who, individuals who have the capacity to execute innovative solutions against all odds, who could empower, inspire and spearhead a change and who could continually redefine the social, economic, political and ecological realms of our world as we know it.

The biggest crisis facing mankind today is not global climate change, unemployment or terrorism. Our most challenging crisis in making is to be in a world where we will have solutions to each and every problem, but we may not have enough Whos, the change-makers, the catalysts and the role-models to execute such solutions.

This is the crisis in making-the Crisis of Leadership-and solving this crisis will involve a whole new approach.