At the heart of our offerings
is a belief that Leadership
is a need of everyone and,
not everyone can be trained
the same way.


Inspired by this belief, Eagles' Cocoon has been instrumental in unlocking the leadership potential of a diverse range of audience including educationists, academicians, students, parents, entrepreneurs, scientists, sports enthusiasts, artists, young professionals, and even monks!

We further believe that off-the-shelf leadership development is an oxymoron. The development needs of a working engineer aiming to be a Chief Technology Officer of an organization are not the same as that of an architect aiming to revolutionize the green building space globally. That is why, our programs are customized to suit the needs of a specific audience. Moreover, our level of engagement varies from delivering day-long programs to managing long-term projects targeting complete transformation of the talent pool in an organization.

Young Leaders' Program ('YLP')

The future of our world in 21st century rests on the shoulders of the current generation currently studying in schools. But is the new generation geared up for such a responsibility? How do we safeguard our new generation from the issues of declining value system, growing fear of failure and declining passion to achieve academic or personal excellence?

The YLP was established to address the aforementioned issues and help create new pool of young leaders, who will have a sense of direction, impact in their personality and leadership potential to steer our nation in the times to come. The program not only focuses on creating a major change in the expressional and interpersonal abilities of the students, but it also changes the value system of participants such that they can manage success with humility, and take bigger challenges in life without any fear of failure. Most importantly, YLP is instrumental in helping students identify with a bigger purpose of creating a change around them.

Preferred Audience: High school and Undergraduate students


Academic Leadership Program ('ALP')

Schools and colleges own the responsibility for creating the next generation of leaders. But what if the educators, themselves, are not sufficiently equipped or internally motivated to execute this responsibility?

To address this challenge, ALP was established with the vision of entrepreneurializing the field of education management. The program helps academicians embrace and imbibe an entrepreneurial spirit with which they can make a massive contribution to the overall economic well-being, development and growth of their respective institutes. More specifically, the program aims to bring three key qualities of an Academic Leader - the ability to inspire students to strive for excellence, the ability to continually innovate the methods of imparting education and, most importantly, the sense of ownership to be able to work like an entrepreneur and a change agent. With this vision and expanded abilities, the academicians can truly bring a sustainable transformation in their students as well as in the education framework around them.

Preferred Audience: School and College Faculty members, Principals, Directors, Policy Makers and other Administrators


Business School Leadership Program ('BSLP')

From a few thousands MBAs graduating in 1970, we now have over a million students passing out of Business Schools each year globally. In India and China alone, there are over half a million students graduating each year, and a majority of them are not even employable. Many of such graduates will end up working in a job wrongly aligned to their interest, potential and field, and will remain on a perpetual job search. In an environment, where employability is hard to achieve, how do we expect to create the next pool of business leaders who could fill the ever growing vacuum of business leadership across various levels of management?

To bridge this very gap, BSLP was coined with the vision of embedding the much needed inputs on leadership development into the management curriculum. The objective of the program is to bring a desired level of transformation in the personalities of students, such that they not only become employable in terms of recruitment standards, but they also capable enough to become future entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and change agents.

Preferred Audience: Students pursuing management studies at undergraduate or postgraduate level


Intrapreneurial Leadership Program ('ILP')

Employees are not a number and they too have aspirations to lead and change. Unfortunately, not many organizations are able to tap this aspiration to create a unique entry barrier for competitors. Imagine how successful an organization would be, which is supported by individuals acting as passionately and creatively as the promoter of the organization herself?

This is the change ILP aims to achieve in our partner organizations. The program aims to create a pipeline of corporate leaders, who can invent, innovate and succeed on the front lines of change. Furthermore, the program helps in fusing the goals and objectives of the company with the career growth plan of an individual, making a coherent structure in which an individual sees his personal development in the growth of the company. That is when, employees evolve into entrepreneurs and are able to transition from successful individual contributors to leaders of teams, projects or broader business tasks.

Preferred Audience: Corporate Professionals


Entrepreneurial Leadership Program ('ELP')

Entrepreneurs drive innovation and growth in an economy. What makes entrepreneurship even more critical in today's world is the fact that existing firms are becoming net job destroyers due to ongoing cost cutting measures, whereas new businesses are creating disproportionately more jobs than the established ones. However, a majority of new businesses fail in the first two years of their operations, leaving a question whether our budding entrepreneurs are actually equipped enough to sail a new business through the hockey stick growth curve?

ELP was established to address this very issue of sustainability and truly empower those willing to seek out opportunities to create change by combining their passions and the power of entrepreneurship. The focus of the program extends far beyond the typically focused areas of pitching investors, winning business plan competitions and identifying core-competencies towards actually building the capability to live through failures, leading teams through change, and breaking the bars of innovation. The vision of the program is not to create a pool of capable people with great ideas, but to create a pool of leaders with the ability to sail though the adversities and tough circumstances that life of an entrepreneur entails.

Preferred Audience: Young professionals, early stage entrepreneurs


Art & Design Leadership Program ('ADLP')

Impact of arts goes well beyond the galleries and concert halls. Arts play a crucial role in fostering culture, economy and creative capital in the country. However, Arts as a profession has not got its due importance in the social structure owing to an increasingly competitive marketplace and limited opportunities to make a successful living. This is what ADLP aims to change.

The ADLP recognizes that success as a professional artist requires more than artistry, natural talent and superb technique. Today's environment necessitates that an artist possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, strong communication skills, commitment to audience education, and the ability to empower masses through her art. The fundamental goals of the ALP are to equip students with the professional skills and experience that will allow them to take charge of their career prospects, and enable them to acquire a leadership role in the field of their culture and marketplace.

Preferred Audience: Artists in the field of visual art, media, architecture, product or process design, sculpture, textile, fiber arts, performance arts, literature, etc.


Sports Leadership Program ('SLP')

Global Sports industry is worth $1-trillion in its size, yet it remains one of the most untapped as well as competitive avenues for building one's career. There are millions of sports enthusiasts dreaming to represent their country at the highest level, however only a handful gets such acknowledgment owing to the obvious equation of demand and supply. Moreover, there are millions who forego the passion of sports right from the college level for such unrelated fields as banking, finance and engineering ignoring the vast possibilities that a true leader can achieve in the area of sports. This is what SLP intends to change.

The SLP is designed expand the talent set of sports enthusiasts beyond physical abilities and technique into areas that can help individuals build a successful career despite all odds. The program focuses on transforming the personal and interpersonal abilities of participants such that they can withstand various challenges - both personal and physical - in a people driven environment. Additionally, the program inspires students to transition from the conventional career approach to a whole new range of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial options, so that they can full tap their passion and talent towards redefining the realms of athletics and sports in their own unique ways.

Preferred Audience: Physical education students, independent sportspersons, fitness and wellness professionals, and professionals in the field of sports marketing, communication or management.


Technical Leadership Program ('TLP')

Today, Technology is helping humanity solve a number of diverse issues ranging from removing illiteracy to building economical transportation to curbing terrorism to connecting goods, ideas, people and businesses globally. As a corollary, the number of technical graduates passing globally has increased exponentially from a few thousands in 1950 to over 1.5 million engineers graduating globally with nearly 1 million engineers passing out from India and China alone. Unfortunately and shockingly, more than 80% of the Indian and Chinese engineers are unemployable by global standards. Question is are we producing mere technicians or real engineers, who can innovate and reinvent the way our world works with the magic of technology? This was the question with which TLP was established.

The major emphasis in the TLPs is to create a next generation of technical leaders, who not only possess desired know-how but also possess the ability to ideate and execute landmark technological innovations in people-driven environment. The program focuses strongly on driving a major change in the personalities of students, so that they can better express their ideas as well as execute those ideas through people. Additionally, TLP aims at redefining the career vision of the students such that they can plan for a much bigger path of becoming technological change-agents as technology entrepreneurs, Chief Engineers, Chief Architects, or Chief Technical Officers.

Preferred Audience: Engineering and IT aspirants and current professionals


Social Leadership Program ('SLP')

The social fabric of our fabric has been increasingly threatened, among others, by civil wars, religious intolerance, human rights violation, climate changes and economic inequalities. In the wake of such diverse issues, the civil society has at least learnt that the responsibility of protecting its social fabric can't be left alone to the government, administration or businesses. The need of today's world is create a pool of social change agents who are both visionaries and ultimate realists, capable of implementing large scale changes for the common good. However, do we have enough such change agents to take care of the 7 bn+ population living in more than two million distinct locations across the globe?

SLP was coined to bridge this very gap in a small, yet impactful way. The program is strongly based on the philosophy that an effective social leader is one who can create numerous other social leaders. Therefore, the program aims to enable students to be able to inspire others and engage widespread support from all stakeholders including affected community, government, funding agencies and the society at large. With a strong focus on building the desired leadership potential and the ability to ideate optimal solutions, the program strives to create change agents that could become mass recruiters and trainers of local change-makers.

Preferred Audience: Individuals, social workers, media professionals, students pursuing journalism, social work and related fields


Parents Leadership Program ('PLP')

Parents are children's first and most important teachers. The home is where language begins and values are nurtured. Therefore, to have a future generation of leaders, it is important to instill the older generation with a spirit of leadership itself. This is what PLP envisages to be - To make parents become practiced change agents for the next generation.

PLP has been designed to empower parents with the desired leadership skills such that they can have a positive impact on their children's academic achievement, behavior in school, and attitudes about life and relationships. The key focus of the program is to equip parents to assume three distinct leadership roles - Coach (helping a child learn the lessons of life that cannot be taught in school); Dream Evangelist (helping a child identify a unique career vision of life that she is passionate about as well as capable of and Advocates (help a child receive fair treatment in their respective spheres of life). Throughout the program, a strong effort is made towards generating a realization in the thoughts of the parent such that they avoid shaping the future of their children with respect to the challenges and trends of older generation, and start understanding the aspirations and challenges of the new times.

Preferred Audience: Parents with children in the age group of 7 - 25