We are in
a relentless pursuit


Eagles' Cocoon, The Leadership Incubator symbolizes a place that incubates future leaders through a challenging, yet enriching metamorphic journey.

With its roots in Canada, the organization was first established as a voluntary initiative aimed at securing the much needed significance for leadership as a subject of learning. Since then, Eagles' Cocoon has become a forerunner in promoting leadership education in India as well as at a global level. The organization works closely with Corporates, educational institutes and government bodies with the objective of incorporating leadership in the business environment, academic curriculum and policy framework respectively.

In addition, Eagles' Cocoon conducts a range of leadership programs for a wide variety of audience that are known to have brought a transformative impact on the potential of participants and their related organizations. Keeping away from the traditional methods of training, the organization engages diverse innovative methodologies including experiential learning, simulations and real life leadership projects towards bringing a sustainable impact.

The organization is supported by several industry pioneers of the world, including Shackel Associates, a leading Canadian leadership education firm established by a visionary who had redefined the level of innovation in teaching and leadership development; Outward Bound, the world's largest outdoor leadership organization and Magppie Group, a global name in the field of art and design and the only Asian company to have ever won the prestigious Red-dot award - An Oscar of Design - for three consecutive years.